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Windows 11 – Is it really a Redefinition of computational experience

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft announced the rollout of Windows 11 which they say a “Redefinition in the computation”. It is not necessary to have a formal introduction to windows but it is a fact that Windows is the most used operating system across the globe for almost three decades. Almost 73% of PCs have windows as their OS today.

People use it on their PC at home, for gaming, for business and many more. An upgrade in windows beyond the concern of the tech world. Every windows user must know about the upcoming major upgrade.

Because the UI & workflow might differ. It will not be the same as Windows 10. Getting to know about new features and new workflow will help users to adapt well to the OS. Or else, it would take a lot of time for them to get along after the final version rollout. Microsoft worked on every feature with a purpose in mind.

All New Start Button and Task Bar

windows 11 features


The start button is not only an identity of windows but, also an immediate helper to all of its users. You can go anywhere and access any file in your system quickly using the start button. In Windows 11, the position of the start button and the entire taskbar is aligned to the centre from the left. Microsoft made this change to ease access. Start button with the help of Microsoft 365 and cloud to track and list the recently used apps and files for quick toggling.

Gaming features in Windows 11

windows 11 features

For most of the first introduction to Windows is through gaming. Today, gaming has been the way to let all the stress out after a hard day. Millions of people use Windows for gaming. It supports social gaming where we connect with our friends online and play together.

Windows 11 has DirectX 12 ultimate technology to leverage your system’s hardware to faster load times, enhance vivid colors and graphics at high frame rates. As a result, we will get an immersive gameplay experience. With an Xbox game pass, you can have access to play almost 100 high quality-games on your Windows 11.

A Better way of Multitasking

windows 11 features

We are using more than one application to complete work today. For example, you are going to create a presentation about Green energy. You will search that in the search engines using a browser. From there, you have to take all the necessary points as notes in the notepad or word software. Then, you have to sort the key points and put that as a neat presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

You have to traverse between these applications at any point without any hassle. To support even more complex multitasking, snap layouts, snap groups & Desktop layouts are introduced in Windows 11.

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

windows 11 features

The covid-19 pandemic made a huge difference in the way we live. Microsoft teams, Google Meet and Zoom has become the office pantry, park and auditorium. We are now meeting with the people who we love and people with who we work more through digital mediums than in person.

In Windows 11, Microsoft teams are integrated with the taskbar for quick access. This helps you to ping, chat, call your contacts anywhere and anytime despite the OS they are using. For an instant meeting or screen share session, Microsoft teams will be handier when it is available all-time in the taskbar.

Robust Microsoft store in Windows 11

windows 11 features

There was a functioning that an app developed in one platform will not support in another platform. In Windows 11, Microsoft initiated stopping this way of working and made available android applications in the Microsoft store. You can download all the android apps through the Amazon app store on your pc. Unbelievable right? This feature is a boon to users like us.

Opportunities in Windows 11 for Developers and Creators

windows 11 features

As the number of windows users grows, the opportunity for developers and creators also grows. Microsoft store welcomes all applications built on Win32, Universal Windows App (UWA), Progressive Web App (PWA), and almost all the platforms.

Microsoft announced a progressive policy states that new developers can bring their software application into the Microsoft store. Microsoft does not ask for a share in their revenue and the developer can take all 100% of revenue. Microsoft also offers a revenue share of 15/85 to developers with benefits.

What is the Hardware requirement of Windows 11?

All the specifications mentioned below are the minimum requirements. If your system has a higher spec than this, then it is well and good.

Processor: 1 GigaHertz (GHz) with 2 cores compatible with 64 Bit

Memory: 4GB RAM

Storage: 64GB

TPM: Trusted Platform Module version 2.0

Display: Greater than 9 inches with resolution 720Px

Graphics card: DirectX12 compatible / WDDM 2.x

Internet: Microsoft Account and a stable connection to setup Windows 11

Check with the device makers to more about your system’s eligibility to windows 11 and the future devices that they are going to roll out with Windows 11 support.

How to download Windows 11?

Microsoft hasn’t launched the stable version so far. We hope windows 11 will be rolled out at the end of 2021 or in early 2022. You can stay tuned on the windows 11 official website to get the stable version.

If you are interested, you can download the beta version of Windows 11 into your PC by signing up for Windows Insider Program

  • Go to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Insider Program
  • Click on Register to initiate the signup process
  • Select Dev channel in insider settings. Click on the download option to install windows 11 into your PC
  • Restart your PC after successful installation of Windows 11 into your PC
  • After the restart, Again go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows update
  • Click on the check updates button to download the latest developer version of Windows 11 into your pc.

We advise you to frequently check the updates tab, to get the latest version whenever available. With, Windows Insider program you get early access to the windows products, know more about windows tips & tricks, connect with a larger developer community, participate in contests and events and much more.


Windows 11 is the beginning of the next-generation operating system. It is made for the purpose to be a partner in all computational needs. Windows has been a platform to create many things that we see today. We are so hopeful that Windows 11 will do the same and helps to build our future in the best way possible.

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