Top 8 Technology trends in 2021

Top Technology Trends

Technological transformation not only transform itself but the world itself. We are going to get the idea of Top technologies that are going to rule 2021. The covid pandemic has changed the way the world was functioning. There will be more importance to technologies in the new normal condition. This pandemic has simplified the work of tech evangelists in creating awareness about the perks of technology.

Digital transformation has become the most essential goal for all businesses. According to McKinsey, more than 64% of consumers does not trust a brand that has no digital platforms. Small businesses also need to adapt technologies to positions themselves in the online competition. In this case, we must know the best technologies that a business or a person to adapt to bring enormous impact.

 5G – Wireless Technology

As the name suggests, 5G is a fifth-generation mobile network technology. The best part about 5G technology is that it virtually connects every person, device and objects. 5G has achieved more reliability, increased availability, very low latency, Multi GB data speed, and a greater network capacity. This will create more opportunities in customer service, more connected platforms.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer the topics available only in theory. We are witnessing an autonomous car manufacturing company Tesla Inc, has become the Top car manufacturer.

Virtual assistants help almost half the number of houses in fundamental activities. They learn and adapt the decisions for a situation. When the same situation occurs again, they will follow the decisions made previously. There will be no shock to witness robots like Asimo will serve the reception and cook in the kitchen. If you use these technologies wisely, they will grow your business multifold.

Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is a technology that we use to connect all the devices through a Wi-Fi network. IoT has made its way into our day-to-day life already. We are now able to turn on/off any devices in our homes even in our absence.

Google Home, Alexa, CCTV camera, Home appliances, electrically controlled doors are the applications of IoT. Not only in household, but IoT has also been a perfect solution for bigger projects like smart cities, enterprise control, crowd management and many commercial purposes.

All these IoT devices create a huge amount of data. These data will be helpful in better decision making and effective management of resources. Whenever a customer passes through your store, using these data and IoT you can provide an exclusive offer for that customer alone. This kind of approach will result in more sales conversion.


We have to make ourselves clear that blockchain is not only used for cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is one of the most secure transaction technology. Blockchain allows only to enter new data and restricts the change to the previous data.

The data of every previous block will be pointed in the new block. If you want to change anything in the block, then you have to change the record of all the blocks and this step is quite impossible. If you are an organization that wants a more secure transaction system, blockchain will be your best option.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Most of us today prefer immersive experience in gaming and other digital platforms. This is applicable in gaming, retail, tourism and many more. Using a mobile application, we can now test the best suiting eyewear for us without actually visiting the physical store.

Haptic feedback in our mobile phones and gaming joysticks are also helpful in connecting ourselves to the virtual world. Pokemon Go has disrupted the entire world when it launched. Still, it tops the world gaming chart.

We wouldn’t have believed this kind of transformation a decade ago. All this became possible through Augmented and Virtual reality. CISCO predicts the growth of AR-VR will be huge in the upcoming years.

3D Technology

3D printing technology is becoming an industry. Huge capital has been invested in this technology. The operation of 3D printing is simple. You have to select an object and the 3D printer will create this object for you using special ink. Sounds magical right!

The market value of 3D modelling software was around 24200 million in 2018. It will reach 36100 million by 2024 as denoted by the Market study report. The E-Commerce industry will solve its long-standing issue. 3D modelling will help users to try products on them at the comfort of their home.

Most people are curious about “Human Augmentation”. Human augmentation is a branch of 3D printing. Fully functional human organs will be printed using this technology to aid physically challenged and injured people to regain their normal life.

Cyber Security

We can explain the importance of cybersecurity in a quote, “As the use of digital medium increases, the need for cybersecurity also increases”. The digital platforms and devices that we use have the most sensitive information about an individual such as bank details, credit & debit card details, government registry numbers and ids and many more.

Most businesses now use the cloud as their working platform to increase robustness and stability. Without proper security in place, the organizations will be a huge risk. The entire data will be vulnerable to the number of growth hackers. It is evident in the ransomware infection scenario. Investing and working on this technology is a bit difficult. But you will reap heavy benefits once you a proper place here.

Everything As a Service (XaaS)

Everything as a service is the latest evolution of cloud computing. In the initial stages, the cloud was to provide a data storage facility. Then, it has transformed into an Infrastructure service (IaaS). Then it started providing a platform (PaaS) to its users. Then with the help of industry advancements, software (SaaS) was added as a service in the cloud.

The scenario changes again, the cloud now offers “Everything as a Service (XaaS)”. You can have an entire office working without investing a huge capital cost on hardware & software. Aws, Google cloud platform, & Alibaba cloud are the finest examples of XaaS.


Technologies change from time to time. But, a strong foundation and a mindset to adopt new things will take you to greater heights. If you feel that we have missed anything, let us know in the comment section below. Share this article with tech buddies like you and stay tuned for more tech updates from us!

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