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How WordPress 5.8 features & updates helps your website to perform Better

WordPress 5.8 features & updates

WordPress is the largest content management system (CMS) in the world. The important factor that helps WordPress to hold the first place is the timely updates. The trend and the expectation of users change from time to time. As a CMS, powering millions of business websites, it is essential to embrace changes.

WordPress 5.8 is going to be one of the major upgrades for WordPress in the year 2021. We now have WordPress 5.8 available for download. It is named to honour Art Tatum the legendary jazz pianist who has created a unique style for himself. WordPress.org believes this version will be the base in setting a bar high.

More of a Block Culture

The Block system was the key innovation that leads to a whole new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0. The development of block mechanisms from then has impacted a lot even outside the editor in WordPress 5.8.

Betterment in post display

Relevancy is the major factor to get visitors’ trust as well as search engines. When a visitor clicks on a blog post on your website, it is now possible to automatically display the relevant blogs using Query Loop Block using parameters like categories. Patterns suggestions will help you to display the blog posts in the way you want.

Manage widgets using Blocks

WordPress 5.8 features & updates

Managing widgets have become so easy. Now, every widget is a block. Like Gutenberg, you can add and manage widget blocks anywhere on your website with ease. The power of the widget system and live customizer helps you a lot in placing the widgets in the best way possible.

This is a great sign that WordPress is moving towards a low code platform. The low code way is the trend of the tech world that is going to rule the next decade.

Improvement in Page Structure

WordPress 5.8 features & updates

The first interaction between your target audience and you are the landing page of your website. The page should hold the visitor and give in all the details about your business to them in a pleasant manner. You can add blocks to your page.

Based on the blocks you are using; WordPress suggests the block patterns that could be an advantage to you. There are a lot of techniques to redirect customers to your best page. But you should work on every page on your website. Remember, every page counts.

Edit page templates Around your posts

As discussed earlier, WordPress concentrated more on the overall experience in this version. The page must be as good as your content in it. In this version, you can edit the blocks around your post using a block editor. This feature is limited only to themes that support this feature.

Contact your theme developers to make your theme compatible with WordPress 5.8.

Supports WebP Image format

WordPress now supports WebP format. We all know the media files consume most of the server space. There are a lot of plugins out there to compress the size of image files to save your disk space. The irony is those plugins also get their share in occupying the disk space. The WebP image format is a lossless and lossy compression of images and helps websites to load faster.

You can use the Jpeg to WebP converter to convert all images on your website. This will improve image loading speed by 20-30%. A faster website and a good page experience are what audiences and search engines prefer.

No Support for IE11

From this version, WordPress has officially dropped its support for IE11. The percentage of users that access the web from IE11 has been reduced in great numbers across the globe. Microsoft has been concentrating on its Edge browser now. And there are other great browsers like Firefox and chrome are out there. It is most advisable for you to take your shift towards these amazing browsers.

How to Download WordPress 5.8

You can upgrade to WordPress 5.8 directly from your dashboard or download it from the official website. There are detailed documentations available for both the users and developers to get the most of WordPress. The installation might take only a few minutes to complete. Our experts will love to help you if you face any errors.


The changes in WordPress 5.8 are quite impressive. Developers needs to look into the Theme.json file that could help their themes to improve customization and block support. We would love to hear your views about the latest WordPress 5.8 version and our article as well.

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