Snapdragon 778G – An Ultimate triple threat Mobile Platform


Snapdragon launched their new  5G 778G Mobile platform that has a true potential of a triple threat. There is a saying, “Mobile devices have become the world in your hands”. But, smart devices today created a whole new world virtually. Snapdragon has a huge part in making this.

Snapdragon says Entertainment is the fundamental focus, along with the power of gaming and stunning camera capacity. Smartphone users mainly use these features in their devices. In fact, these have become the deciding factor before purchase. Each category has a separate fan base. What if, a device delivers a good performance in all three areas? That’s 778G – a power-packed triple threat for you!

SD 778G’s Gaming Performance

Most of us love gaming. A small lag in the gameplay would spoil our mood. I don’t think that will be the case in this 5G chipset. Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite gaming feature in 778 has so many features such as Variable Rate Shading (VRS) for faster gameplay. This feature makes mobile games run efficiently by preserving high visual fidelity without draining battery life.

Around 20% of touch responsiveness increased with Qualcomm game quick Touch. You can play games with high graphics without any hustles. Qualcomm Kyro increases performance by up to 40% and Adreno 642L GPU in this chipset offers 40% performance in graphics rendering.

SD 778G’s Multimedia Performance

We are a generation where our social media bio pitches for us. The COVID pandemic made us spend most of our time with digital platforms. HDR10+ support will immerse you in the video with its amazing vivid experience. Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound gives a premium audio experience to you. More efficient Bluetooth 5.2 has a capacity to connect devices and play audio & video with very low latency.

SD 778G’s Camera Performance

We have witnessed more user-generated content platforms on the rise. Qualcomm spectra 570L triple ISP able to capture three videos at HDR rate at once. It computes all three videos, takes the best from everything, and gives you the best final footage.

Use HDR10+ mode to capture nature with its exact original colour. It has triple camera setup support, Multi-Frame Noise reduction (MFNR), Slow motion video capture support, 4K video capture support up to 30fps.

5G support in SD 778G

5G is the next major technology shift. It is then necessary for devices to support 5G technology. Snapfdragon 778G has a Snapdragon X53 Model-RF system. This supports all key regions & bands including mmWave and sub-6 in both FDD & TDD frequencies.

It supports multiple sim 5G support, which means you can use two of your 5G Sims on the same device. The maximum download speed for 778G recorded at 3.7GBPS.

SD 778G’s AI features

AI improves the overall performance of this 5G chipset. 6th Gen Qualcomm AI present in 778G brought the best of Hexagon 770 processor. 12 TOPS, 2X performance improvement, and improved camera features.

This AI feature can be used to eliminate distortion and focus on a particular object in the video.  Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) will give you a video output with a pro-level quality. You can record video with high quality even when you are moving.


This 778G is a perfect choice who is passionate about vlog, Multimedia creation. It has a greater performance rate and it can be used for all daily usage. Watching a high-quality video and surfing different social apps at the same time is a piece of cake when you have an SD 778G powered device in your hand.

Although, 778G all these amazing advantages, the final feature list in the 778G powered device is to be decided by the mobile OEM companies. You deserve a 778G powered smart device. We hope you make your dreams into Reality.

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