Polypeptide Battery – A new battery tech on rise to replace Li-Ion Batteries

Polypeptide Battery replacing Li-Ion battery

The biggest transformation in the electrical industry is the day when Li-Ion batteries invented. The consumer electronics industry is valued at around 5 trillion. There would be no consumer electrics industry without the Li-Ion batteries. But the tremendous growth in the technologies with the help of these Li-Ion batteries have caused us a huge cost of Natural resources.

Disadvantages of Li-Ion Batteries

  1. Economical & Resource Imbalance

Contains more amount of metallic components like Cobalt. Cobalt is a fossil resource and acquired by mining. The excessive use of electronics will lead to excessive mining of cobalt. Hence, creating an imbalance in the resources. From an economical perspective, lithium-ion batteries will become increasing because of the huge gap between demand and supply.

  1. Maintenance

Li-Ion batteries need an additional protection layer to prevent voltage fluctuation. Metals and chemicals change their state in their course of time. This change will cause an adverse effect on the battery performance & health.

  1. Transportation

Restrictions on transporting the huge amount of batteries. You cannot transport a huge amount of batteries from one country to other. The volatility of the chemicals used in these batteries are high and there are more possibilities for an explosion.

Polypeptide Batteries as Solution

Polypeptides are biomaterials created by proteins and amino acids. Polypeptide batteries are completely recyclable. The sources it works for also is 100% renewable. Producing these polypeptides is very simple and cost-effective compared to the Li-Ion batteries. There are so many advantages that these Polypeptide batteries are going to ring to our world. Especially in the world of technology.

The solution of polypeptides batteries to Lithium-Ion batteries proposed by researchers from Texas A&M University.  It is also published in the May issue of nature, a platform to publish and promote sustainable and nature-friendly ideas.

Advantages of Polypeptide Batteries

  1. Sustainability

The demand for batteries has been increasing every day. As polypeptide batteries are easy to produce without exploiting more resources, we can easily meet out the demand. Also, the price of this battery is very much affordable compared to the Lithium-Ion batteries.

  1. Eco-Friendly

All the components of the polypeptide battery are biomaterials. There is no metallic substance involved in the whole battery. Hence, there is no need for excessive mining of resources. It will help our human society to measure up the ecological balance.

  1. Reusable

Climate change is the prime concern the globe is facing after the Covid Pandemic situation. Ocean and water bodies comprise two-thirds of the entire area of the earth. Around 85% of living organisms are in the seas and oceans. Non-Biodegradable are dumped into the water bodies until now and resulting in the contamination of water habitat. Li-Ion batteries are less recyclable.

Compared to this, Polypeptide batteries are mostly reusable & recyclable. These batteries have more capacity to reduce water contamination and e-waste quantity.

  1. Human Friendly

Mobile and portable devices solely depend on Li-ion batteries now. These devices emit certain heat waves that are toxic to human health.  Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value the measure of such waves absorbed by tissue at a certain time. It is prescribed to use devices that have SAR value of less than 1 W/kg.

Mobile manufacturers are trying their best to reduce the SAR value in their products to give their customers the best value. Polypeptide batteries instead of Li-Ion batteries will do a better job in reducing the SAR value. It will be the best choice to support wearable devices, as it is the most human-friendly battery ever produced.


The Covid pandemic gave us a strong message that life is more important than anything. To have a great life, we should have a great planet. Earth and its resources are our life sources. We cannot exploit our life sources at any cost. We should develop technology that is friendly to humans and the earth. Let us work for the best of the only planet we have, The Earth.

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