Google I/O 2021: How to Register, What is new, Timing, and Value to Attendess


Google I/O is an initiative that is an annual developer conference to bring developers together. Google I/O stands for the slogan “Innovation in the Open”.  All the important announcement on technology upgrades, introduction, and hints about unveiling a new product happened at the I/O conference.

This year, the Google Developer Group has planned to provide more workshops and hands-on lab experience to the participants.  This event is open to anyone willing to attend. Developers and tech enthusiasts across the globe show their interest to attend Google I/O annual conference every year.

Why do I attend?

Google determines the direction of the technology world. It is a great opportunity to meet many expert developers across the globe. Get keynotes about the latest product news and the ways to adapt to the new technology, Workshops with instructor-led walkthroughs, tutorials, and lessons.

The best part is “Ask Me Anything”. You can ask your queries to google experts. But, you have to reserve a spot for this. Hurry and get your pass! Also, you will get Google Developer profile badges.

Key topics in Google I/O

  • Google I/O keynote
  • Developer Keynote
  • What is new in Android? (Expectation: Android 12 updates & Release details)
  • What is new in Google Play?
  • What is new for the Web Platform (Expectation: Web stories & AMP enhancements)
  • What is new in Machine Learning?
  • What is new in Google Assistant?
  • What is new in Chrome OS?
  • What is new in Flutter?
  • What is new in Firebase?
  • What is new in search?
  • Top 12 tips to get ready for Android 12
  • Grow your business with new engagement and Monetization features
  • Immersive story-telling on the web And Many Many More,

Check out the list of content and reserve a seat for yourself to the session you like to attend.

How to Register? & how much it cost?

Google I/O 2021, is a virtual event and completely Free. You do not need to pay a single penny. All you need is to have a google account (Gmail). Follow the below steps to register for the event.

  1. Go to the Google I/O website
  2. Click on the “Register” button on the top right corner.
  3. Fill in all the necessary details and preferences.
  4. Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration.

Google I/O event Timings

Google I/O annual conference is a three-day program that starts on 18th May 2021 and ends on 20th May 2021. As there are more topics to be covered in different technologies, the organizing team has scheduled slots for each topic. This gives you the flexibility to attend only the events that you are interested in.

Look into the Google I/O schedule and know the timings for each topic. You will find a “Add to Calendar” option on each topic. By clicking that, the event will be added to your personal calendar. You will receive a notification before the event.

Unfortunately, if the event you are interested in is full don’t worry. There is a replay session available in the schedule where you can get the chance to attend the same event.


If you are a tech lover, Google I/O is a great chance to know about the upcoming technologies. It is a great platform to be in touch with fellow developers and Google developers. Make you of the opportunity and be prepared for the upcoming days!

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