How WordPress 5.8 features & updates helps your website to perform Better

WordPress is the largest content management system (CMS) in the world. The important factor that helps WordPress to hold the first place is the timely updates. The trend and the

24 August. 2021 4 mins read

Windows 11 – Is it really a Redefinition of computational experience

Microsoft announced the rollout of Windows 11 which they say a “Redefinition in the computation”. It is not necessary to have a formal introduction to windows but it is a

01 August. 2021 6 mins read

Joomla 4 – Be a part of next greatest wave in the web

Joomla 4 is the buzzword of web experts. The web industry is one of the most robust of all. There are so many amazing web technologies available in the market.

02 June. 2021 3 mins read

Snapdragon 778G – An Ultimate triple threat Mobile Platform

Snapdragon launched their new  5G 778G Mobile platform that has a true potential of a triple threat. There is a saying, “Mobile devices have become the world in your hands”.

20 May. 2021 4 mins read

Google I/O 2021: How to Register, What is new, Timing, and Value to Attendess

Google I/O is an initiative that is an annual developer conference to bring developers together. Google I/O stands for the slogan “Innovation in the Open”.  All the important announcement on

17 May. 2021 3 mins read
Green Tech

Polypeptide Battery – A new battery tech on rise to replace Li-Ion Batteries

The biggest transformation in the electrical industry is the day when Li-Ion batteries invented. The consumer electronics industry is valued at around 5 trillion. There would be no consumer electrics

14 May. 2021 4 mins read

Why Dogecoin’s price went down after Elon’s interview

The value of Dogecoin went down after Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls it a “Hustle” in the “Saturday Night Live” TV show. Dogecoin created as a meme to troll the

09 May. 2021 2 mins read

Top 8 Technology trends in 2021

Technological transformation not only transform itself but the world itself. We are going to get the idea of Top technologies that are going to rule 2021. The covid pandemic has

08 May. 2021 6 mins read